The Faith to Recognize God among Us

We have the bad habit of thinking that faith is nothing else but believing that God exists. But such faith in no way distinguishes the nonbeliever from the Christian. How many men fully admit a force that surpasses them, without being for that reason Christians? Faith is not the simple intellectual certitude about the existence of God nor even the assurance of the existence of Christ. Faith is that force which comes from on high in an always contemporary Pentecost and opens our mind to Gods way of looking at things.

"I try to see things and beings with the eyes of Christ." A better definition of faith cannot be given. It is enough to add: "to see God with the eyes of Christ." But this new point of view is obtained after much sacrifice and humility. It is also the occasion of a great source of renewal: to be able at last to recognize the true meaning of life, including the element of sin, to be able to discover the truth of things .... The Christian has the assurance that God has a place for him each day in a plan. And this certitude transforms everything ... even our attitude toward sin.

The Christian God is a God who has taken the initiative, who is the first one to offer himself today as on the day when his Son became man .... The God who is completely other is at the same time the God who is completely close at hand. YHWH, He whose name cannot be known, is at the same time the God who comes to aid of his people, the God who is with you .... He is the one whom nothing escapes, the one in whose pres­ence we walk. My eyes on you, I will be your counsel (Ps 32:8) .... If one truly searches for him, he searches for him as the key to all existence, as the One without whom nothing makes sense.

Father Bro (┼ 2018) was a French Dominican priest, a distinguished theologian, and the author of many books.


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Updated: July 7, 2024

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